101 awful food facts

Awful Food Facts

Weird Food Facts around the world. A rat restaurant in China sells rat and snake soup and kebabs.
The alcoholic drink mescal has a cactus maggot preserved in the bottle.

Alligator kebabs are popular in southern Louisiana, USA.

In Wales, rook pie was considered a tasty way to get rid of a bird that might otherwise eat the crops.

In India, ants are roasted, ground to a paste and served as chutney.

In the Japanese countryside, salamanders and skinks are grilled on sticks and served with lettuce.

A restaurant in Pennsylvania, USA, offers a hamburger that weighs 4 kilograms (9 pounds). No one has yet managed to finish one.

Eskimos have been known to make seagull wine put a seagull in a bottle of water, wait for it to go off drink!

In the Samoan Islands, the intestines of sea cucumbers are sold in jars, steeped in sea water. The sea cucumber is a slithery, tube-like animal and not a cucumber at all. When it's cooked, it is called a sea slug.

P'tcha is an east European Jewish food made by stewing calves' feet until they turn to jelly.

Raw, pickled jellyfish are eaten in the Samoan Islands.

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