101 amazing animal data

Amazing Animal Data

Mind boggling facts about Animals. Animal’s word is full of wonders.
The carpet viper kills more people in the world than any other type of snake. Its bite leads to uncontrollable bleeding.

When there's not much food around, cockroaches will eat each other – ripping open the victim's stomach and tearing out the insides.

The face fly feeds on the mucus produced in a cow's eyes and nostrils.

The deep-sea gulper eel can eat fish larger than itself. It can open its mouth so wide that its jaw bends back on itself at an angle of more than 180 degrees.

A cockroach can survive being frozen in a block of ice for two days.

A mosquito can drink one and a half times its own weight in blood at a single meal.Yuk!

Geckos have no eyelids – they lick their eyeballs to clean them!

The Gila monster is a lizard from South America and Mexico. Although it's only just over half a metre (2 feet) long, its bite is so strong that the only way to detach one that's bitten you is to drown it.

The bulldog ant from Australia will sting again and again while holding on with its fierce jaws. It can kill a human in 15 minutes.

The Australian blue-ringed octopus can pump out a poison that will paralyze or kill a human.

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