101 ideas to prevent headache

Ideas to Prevent Headache

Headaches can stop you from doing all the things you love. Attack it BEFORE the Pain Starts!
31. Stay away from rain.
Stay away from rain - especially the first shower of the season. It is not good to let the rain fall directly on your head. Rain water may be refreshing but in can result in a headache. If you get wet in the rain, make it a point to dry your head as soon as you can.The first rains especially are very bad because the water will contain a lot of pollutants and this itself can result in a lot of diseases.

46. Incense smoke is not good for you.
Incense smoke is not good for you. Incense smoke contains a lot of alkaloids and the inhalation of these can spark of a lot of changes in the internal mechanism, do not take the risk.

75. A gentle shake of your head tell you do have a sinus infection.
A gentle shake of your head however can tell you if you do have a sinus infection. If you move your head even slightly, the pain will increase and this is a good method of deciding whether the headache is actually due to a sinus infection. If you have a sinus infection, do not shake your head as the pain will increase.

71. Don't use Aerosols.
Aerosols are bad for you. If you are prone to sinus infection aerosols are bad for you so try not to use them as far as possible.

55. Cool your eye muscles with slices of cucumber.
Cool your eye muscles with slices of cucumber. This is a wonderful way to relax yourself. If you have had a hard day or have had to be out in the sun for long, the best thing that you can do to soothe yourself is to apply a slice of cucumber to each of your eyes.This is a 100% natural method of cooling your eyes and you will be surprised at how refreshed you feel when you remove those slices after a couple of minutes.

52. Coffee is actually bad for you.
Coffee is actually bad for you. Just like nicotine, caffeine in coffee is bad for you. If you have the habit of drinking a cup of coffee at a fixed time every day, you will in all likelihood end up with a headache if your body does not get that required dose of coffee.The point to ponder about is this, why do you have to make your body dependent on external substances when it can function very well without these substances.

91. Consult the doctor specifically for the headache.
Consult the doctor specifically for the headache. Many people feel queasy about going to a doctor with something as insignificant as a headache. But the fact is that there is nothing insignificant about a headache.It is one of the most maddening things in the world. Every year the nation loses millions of dollars worth of productive days because good workers go down with headaches.There is nothing to feel bad about consulting a doctor about a headache. In fact many practitioners do a thriving business by setting up headache clinics g here and there. If you have a headache diary like the one we mentioned in the above point, it would be very useful to your doctor in reaching a good diagnosis.But you may however tell you doctor that the last thing you would prefer would be OTC medication. You know what OTC stands for don't you? It stands for Over the Counter medication.Try to help your doctor reach a better diagnosis and follow the suggestions of your doctor as well.Give your doctor a complete list of the all the medicines that you consume. You have to remember that some of these medicines might be altering your vascular system leading to a headache.The medicines that you have to take particular not of are birth control pills, medicines for blood pressure and any hormone supplements.

57. Apply a soothing face pack.
Apply a soothing face pack. Face packs are a wonderful way of de-stressing yourself. Many grocery stores and beauty supply stores carry them.

22. Glare form source light should not fall on the screen.
In the ideal condition, the light source should be behind you placed in such a way that the glare does not reflect on the screen.

35. If you feel stressed up, try to relax.
If you feel stressed up, try to relax. Scented candles, warm bathes, and soothing music may help you relax.

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