101 ideas to create humor at work

Ideas to Create Humor at Work

Ideas for creating humour at workplace to make more creativity and innovative workplace.
39. Write That Down
Start a blog/newsletter at work on a topic you have passion for.

63. Learn the Language
If you work internationally, learn a few words and phrases of a language of one of your co-workers; surprise them with it in your next meeting.

15. Listen Closely
Listen to classical music when you are required to concentrate on one task.

70. Metaphor-ize
Explain your next training using an unlikely metaphor, such as why project management is like getting married.

51. Map and Match
Gather trivia about the people in your team; send out a mapping and matching quiz and see who can correctly guess all of the matches.

77. Embed Meaning
Be like Alfred Hitchock and find a way to work in a picture of yourself or your kids into every presentation; be creative about it.

35. Give a Makeover
Give your boss an online makeover, even if your boss is a man.

83. Post a Bulletin
Put a bulletin board in a common area; take turns with your co-workers posting different topics on the board.

56. Do Some Branding
Create a logo and theme music for one of your projects; use it whenever you do status updates or send out emails.

62. Share What You Know
Present a tip/trick like the old “The More You Know” commercials.

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